boxing classes

Get leaner and stronger, reduce stress, and have fun one punch at a time.
  • Easy and quick to learn for beginners
  • Fun, dynamic self-defense program
  • Great for fat burning and weight-loss
  • Amazing cardiovascular workout
  • Safe low-impact options for beginners

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REV MMA Toronto boxing classes have been Toronto’s #1 beginner boxing classes for men and women for over 15 years. Prepare to sweat and burn some serious calories, while you get into the best shape of your life in this boxing class! Great for beginner to advanced levels to learn and develop proper technique in a fun, friendly & safe atmosphere.

  • Non-contact options available
  • Individual or group setting available
  • Excellent for healthy weight loss and fitness
  • Increase your stamina, endurance, and confidence
  • Learn boxing fundamentals: proper stance and movement, basic to advanced punches and combinations

Why Choose Us?


Beginner friendly classes, daily


Large, modern & clean location


Showers & lockers


Free parking, Open 7 days/wk

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What our clients say

A recent incident threatened the safety of my family. In our local pharmacy. On a Sunday afternoon. Completely unprovoked.Learning how to survive an attack and protect myself and my loved ones became a priority.The elite level of instructions from each coach. The community of trust and respect from every classmate. The outstanding attention and support in private sessions. The growing confidence.All reasons why Revmma is the best of the best. 5 stars plus!
Troy Tappin
Troy Tappin
11:50 16 Feb 22
My 7 y.o. kid loves this place! We switched her coming there 3 times a week based on her positive attitude. I have to say we tried a few activities before (gymnastic,karate,etc.), but only these trainers found right approach to my child. Thank you!
Yana Zinovyeva
Yana Zinovyeva
05:36 15 Feb 22
Great location. Very accessible. I took the membership two months ago, very affordable (100/month if you pay for a year). kickboxing classes are amazing.
oksana romanova
oksana romanova
17:58 18 Dec 21
I joined back in August 2019 specifically for kickboxing and never regretted this decision. REV coaches are very attentive to everyone, regardless of your experience level. I’m a beginner myself but I always feel safe and supported. At the same time I see the same coaches provide great training for advanced level students. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out MMA and isn’t sure where to begin! You’ll feel welcome from the get-go!
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith
02:20 30 Nov 21
Amazing place to train. The coaches are passionate, kind and motivating. Every day I can't wait to come back to practice. Super accepting place with 0 judgement and 100% motivation.
Lera Kohar
Lera Kohar
00:43 18 Sep 21
Hands down, this is the best MMA Gym facility in GTA with amazing skilled coaches that are warm and patient when teaching and fair when assessing students skills. This is a place where you need to learn martial arts and prove it during classes in order to get your belt.My son was first in the junior MMA program and he is now in the advanced MMA program. He has classes 3 times per week and he loves it. During the lockdown, Joel continued the training on Zoom with online classes, which were very helpful. Parents can also join different classes if they want to, so it is also a family oriented training facility.Highly recommended for all ages!
Marius Constantinescu
Marius Constantinescu
17:16 28 Aug 21
Great facility with professional instructors in a wide range of martial arts disciplines. The atmosphere in the gym is very friendly and welcoming. I consider this gym my second home. Highly recommended!
Masdude VL
Masdude VL
04:15 24 Aug 21
I feel so lucky that I found this gym! All the instructors are warm, encouraging, and excellent teachers. There are classes and private lessons for every age young sons go, I go, my husband go, and my mother goes! I've never had this much fun getting strong and healthy! Can't wait to continue my journey at RevMMA.
Olivia Iakoubovski
Olivia Iakoubovski
18:47 04 Aug 21
I am a visiting student from another school. From the moment I entered REV MMA I received a very warm welcome, both from the instructor and the other students. Joel has an excellent eye for details and is clear and concise when teaching. He makes everyone feel welcome, supported and takes an interest in all his students. I had an excellent time and am looking forward to many more classes at Rev MMA. Thank you!
Zeyna Shah
Zeyna Shah
20:47 25 Jul 21

“But i need to get in shape before i join a class”

The #1 most common excuse we hear. Many people think they need to get in shape before they come to train. It’s not about who you are or used to be, it’s about the decision to make a better choice right now to be a better version of your future self.



Meet Our World-class Boxing Coaches

Sick of the gym? Us too. So we built a better one.

With over 30 years experience in Jiu Jitsu and Judo and a pioneer in the Canadian grappling community, the Rev MMA Toronto programs are overseen by World Master's Medalist, MMA veteran and multiple time Canadian Jiu Jitsu Champion, BJJ (IBJJF) and Judo (IJF) Black Belt, Joel Gerson.


One day, we hope to be a part of your success story!


AGE: 20


LOST: An astounding 115 pounds in only 9 months.

GAINED: Skills, confidence, strength, a better path.

TOOLS: Kickboxing and boxing classes, diet, true grit.


AGE: 37 Member


LOST: A whopping 187 pounds in 2 years.

GAINED: A lack of fear, a right hook, and a new life.

TOOLS: Boxing and Kickboxing, pride; an ex-husband.


AGE: 29

MEMBER SINCE: March 2012

LOST: 74 pounds so far (in 6 months), an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, skepticism about our methods.

GAINED: A positive outlook toward life, boxing skills, and a new wardrobe.

TOOLS: Boxing, Combat Fitness


AGE: 49

LOST: 12 inches and 10 pounds with a complete change of body composition.

GAINED: An appreciation for tough love, a craving for a solid workout, strength, and the most sculpted, confident, healthiest version of herself

TOOLS: Crossfit, Combat Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing.

FREQUENCY: 5-6 days per week, often in back-to-back classes.

THANKS: —rev’s fabulous instructors for helping her prove to everyone that the best version of you can be built at any time.


AGE: 33

LOST: 100 pounds(60 at rev in 8 months), inches off her waist and hips–went from a size 16 to a 6.

GAINED: Confidence, energy, her health back, ring skills.

TOOLS: Boxing classes and private training sessions, feeling welcomed and encouraged, Fitzy’s electric smile and confidence in her.

MOTIVATION: As a pharmacist advising people on health, felt like she wasn’t walking the walk challenges: went through 4 personal trainers at 4 different gyms before she found Fitzroy at rev.


AGE: 40

LOST: 40 pounds and counting, excuses, and a 15-year-old habit of eating late and crashing on the couch after work.

MEMBER SINCE: January 2011

GAINED: A passion for chokes and armlocks, a purple belt, and the ability to keep up with guys half his age.

TOOLS: Jiu Jitsu, Boxing.

Achieve Your Goals

Join a community that is passionate, supportive, and determined to help you reach your goals.

  • Looking to get (back) in the best shape of your life?
  • Gain more confidence?
  • Be able to defend yourself and your loved ones?
  • Increase your strength and endurance?

REV MMA beginner boxing classes in Toronto will help you achieve these goals.

In addition, our boxing classes will develop your mental strength and give you the energy to deal with any challenge beyond the boxing ring.

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Our boxing classes are designed to help you lose those extra pounds and get your body in fighting shape while interacting with like-minded men and women in our interactive workouts & lessons. Boxing is well known as one of the best cardiovascular workouts, but is also a discipline that improves your mind by challenging your reflexes, coordination and focus. Become the best version of yourself with or without your gloves on at REV MMA. 

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