Complete full body workout.
Best, most useful & fun exercises from military boot
camp conditioning, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, pilates and more!
Fun partner and individual exercises.
Short but intense, varied workout, constant variety.
For working professional or amateur athletes!
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Combat Fitness Class

Teens need to work out just like everyone else, but today's sedentary lifestyles make that difficult. Unfortunately, most of the workouts and fitness routines out there become stale and monotonous over time. Here at Revolution MMA, we have designed our Combat Fitness classes for teens in such a way that you will never have to do the same workout twice. Our beginner and introductory classes start each and every day, and they provide you with all of the tools you need, whether you want to burn fat, build strength, or simply tone up and learn new techniques.

Your current fitness level has no bearing on what you are capable of when you come to Revolution. We designed our classes to help you become fitter, leaner, faster, more toned, and healthier than ever before. Each class is completely different from the next, which prevents boredom and ensures that you remain stimulated both physically and mentally. No matter your size, age, or current level of ability, you'll find yourself right at home in Teen Combat Fitness classes here at Revolution MMA.

Beginners are welcome in all of our classes, but the basic principles involved in Combat Fitness for teens are things that you may have already seen. Combat Fitness combines techniques and principles used in the military and in a variety of professional fighting styles around the world. You can also choose to participate in classes based on your current fitness levels, and if you have an injury or if you find a particular move challenging, our experts can find an alternative so that you can continue to see results.

If you have been avoiding Combat Fitness and other similar classes, bear in mind that all of our classes are strictly non- contact. You will never be physically hit, and all you need to bring with you is a bottle of water and a towel to get started. Come to Revolution MMA and let us help you feel healthier, safer, and more self-confident from the very first day! Come join others in your age range who have discovered just how fun, exciting, and helpful classes in Combat Fitness can be.


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